Introducing...Audinni Guitar Wall Mounts

Audinni is excited to announce it's new product series: AxeDangler for Audinni.

This new product collection brings a UK-exclusive Guitar Wall Mount product range from master craftsmen, AxeDangler.

The Audinni Wall Mount, available in a beautiful range of wood finishes, have two styles available - the Guitar Wall Mount Cuff and the Guitar Wall Mount String Swing.

Both mounts feature precision-made wood finishes, with a sleek, modern design to fit seamlessly into your home, and to suit any wall on which it's placed. The mark of any good guitar mount, is to subtly, yet cleverly show off the guitar - that is the star of the show - after all.

Suitable for acoustic, electric and nylon-string guitars - these wall mounts really are the perfect accompaniment for your most prized possession.

Ideal for sitting proudly on the wall of your music room, or a statement piece in your living room - the AxeDangler for Audinni Guitar Mount allows you show off your guitar(s).

The AxeDangler for Audinni mark sits proudly on each Guitar Wall Mount, for an extra-special touch.
Audinni Guitar Wall Mount by Axe Dangler
Who are AxeDangler?
AxeDangler are a US-based team, specialising in designing aesthetically elegant, rock solid, premium guitar wall hangers. Finely handcrafted with pride, from a variety of hand selected imported and domestic hardwoods.

Their work is well-known in the US for it's quality, producing great guitar wall mounts from their woodworking shop in the hills of Central Pennsylvania.

Audinni have teamed up with the AxeDangler team to provide a UK-exclusive product range for guitar lovers. That's right, this is the perfect product to brag to your friends, as the only place they could get their hands on one of these in the UK, is via the Audinni store!

Each guitar wall mount is carefully, handmade for a unique touch using sustainable hardwoods that can both handle 43kg of weight.
Wood finishes available:
Cuff: Oak & Walnut and Sycamore & Walnut
String-Swing: Birdseye Maple & Walnut
Cuff: H 6cm X D 10 cm  X W 9cm
String-Swing: H 21.5cm X D 10cm  X W 10cm
As with all Audinni products, these products are hand-made to the highest quality, with high-quality, and long-lasting hardwood for a unique touch to your home. 
The AxeDangler for Audinni Guitar Wall Mounts are available immediately via our online shop, and will be dispatched to the UK only with Royal Mail 48 hour delivery. 
Have a question for the Audinni team? Use the contact us form at the bottom of this page, and our expert team will help with any questions you have.

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