Guitar Wall Mount Cuff

Wood Finish: Oak and Walnut
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Guitar Wall Mount | Cuff

The perfect accompaniment for your beautiful guitar.

Audinni have teamed up with USA-based Axe Dangler, to exclusively offer this stunning guitar hanger. Expertly designed and manufactured in high-quality wood, these really will add the finishing touch to your most prized possession.

H 6cm X D 10 cm  X W 9cm

  • Simple, modern design
  • Gently sets of your own guitar’s headstock aesthetic
  • Softly rounded top and arms
  • Neck opening: 5cm
  • Will fit all guitars with a symmetrical headstock base

This beautifully handcrafted sleek, clean minimalist design is made to gently show off your own guitar’s headstock.

This model will work for all steel string Acoustic or Electric guitars (5cm) nut opening) with a symmetrical headstock base.

There’s nothing better than showing off your special guitar as art, as well as having immediate access whenever you get the urge to practice!

Pieces ship with all you need for mounting: 2 screws, 2 plasterboard fixings (rated at 43 kg), as well as 2 small round pieces of cork that you may glue onto the small curved cutouts in the arms. The cork is not necessary – I’ve had my guitar hanging for 3 years and there are no marks on the finish at all, however some people prefer it.

Each piece uniquely crafted from sustainable hardwoods.

Item ships to mainland UK only.

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