Hi Fi Rack with Natural Walnut with AV Furniture Glass Shelves

HI-FI stands: A versatile piece of furniture everyone should own

A HI-FI rack is a piece of furniture everyone should own at some point - they’re super versatile, beautiful, and add style and class to any room, whether it’s a home cinema, living room, or in the hallway. Hi-FI racks were originally created to store audio equipment - record players, and now home speaker systems.

At Audinni, we provide various bespoke products, including a stunning HI-FI stand which allowing you to store your custom audio-visual products, speaker systems, or if you prefer the classics, your record player. However, they’re not just for show either - they actually increase the quality of audio playback.

This article will discuss why everyone should own a HI-FI stand, arguably our favourite piece of furniture for the home, not to mention the most versatile.

Tidy up those wires...

There’s nothing more annoying than loose wires trailing behind cabinets, the TV, or in some cases, across the floor. Tidy them up with a HI-FI stand, compacting the wires and creating a clean, polished look.

Most HI-FI stands contain strategically placed holes for wires - or for the classic 'open back' design, the Audinni Hi Fi Stand allows space for you to organise all your AV equipment in style.

Don't forget, optional extras can help add the 'wow' factor, including Optional turntable Isolation platform

Double-up as a trophy cabinet

HI-FI stands don’t just have to be for storing record players or other music equipment. You can use it as a trophy cabinet, storing sports medals, business awards, or any other prestigious glass wear or awards you own - it’s a space to show off, in a clean and organized way.

It may be a no-brainer, but you can also store your favourite records (yes, even if you don’t have a record player), CDs, DVDs, or other mediums.

It’s luxurious…

There are very few AV furniture items quite as luxury as a Hi-FI stand. Not only does it increase storage to any footprint, but it looks beautiful, too. The Audinni HI-FI stands are available in a range of four beautiful wood finishes - Natural Oak, Natural Walnut, Cherry or Ash.

 If that wasn't enough - you can also choose between four, five or six shelves in clear, etched or black glass. Classy, right? We think so.

With such a broad range of options, you can find a HI-FI stand that perfectly fits into any room - maybe even serving as an iconic piece?

Store your prized possessions

What better place to place your prized audio-visual possessions than on your HI-FI stand? Some HI-FI stands have wooden, glass, or other material doors, while others are left open.

Whatever style you purchase, you can display your prized possessions for prying eyes to see - it works great in a hallway or entrance room.

Think awards, degree certificates, your daughter’s first drawing, or that award you once won during P.E too many years ago…, yes that deserves a place in the cabinet. A HI-FI stand really is a super versatile piece of furniture, doubling up as additional storage space for your prized possessions, aside from the fridge, of course. That’s a universal rule.

Impress the guests

There’s no better way to impress the guests than a bespoke, handmade, luxurious HI-FI stand of the highest-quality (from Audinni, no less). Whether you want to show off your favourite records, CDs, or a photograph of your loved ones is up to you, just be sure to do it in style.

Many people don’t know what room to place their HI-FI stand-in. However, these look great, and are functional in music rooms, living rooms, dining spaces, and entrance rooms, not to mention hallways.

Remember: Just because it’s originally meant for storing record players and other sound devices, does not mean you need to use it for the same - use it as a bookshelf if you’d like!

Classy Finishes

High-quality bespoke HI-FI stands, including those from Audinni, contain high-quality glass shelves. Not only does this keep your items safe and on show, but you can operate music or other devices with a remote through the open design.

Improved sound quality

If using a Hi-Fi stand to play music, as it’s originally used, then a high-quality rack reduces vibrations, increasing sound quality and performance. For this reason, if you’re solely intending on using a rack for playback, then it’s best to store only the music device on the rack to further minimize vibrations and sound blocking.

Keep your devices in one place

If you’re one for organisation, you don’t want to miss out on a HI-FI stand. Keep all your devices in one place, whether it be a speaker system, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or an old fashioned board game. Clean up the mess, keep it clean, and easy to maintain - it’s about convenience, luxury, and style, and we have all three.

Tip: Even though most Hi-Fi stands contain an open-back design for ease of access, consider using cable ties to neaten your cables - do it right and they’ll look seamless, or non-existent.

To conclude

All Audinni furniture is handmade in the UK, designed with luxury and a bespoke style in-mind - no HI-FI stand or other piece of furniture is the same - it’s entirely unique in its own way. There are numerous reasons why everyone should own a HI-FI stand, if not for its beautiful appearance and addition to any room, then for its storage space.

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To finish, we want to share with you the Aveos Alto AV HI-FI cabinet, a bespoke, beautiful stand we take great pride in. The Stand itself combines various AV features with a strong, secure, and stunning design, hosting various features.

These features include an open-back design for increased ventilation, privacy glass, 4x slotted wooden shelves for storage and sub-unit ventilation, and finally, discrete castor rollers for ease of placement.

The Aveos Alto AV Cabinet is available in several different wood types, including traditional woods such as oak and walnut, dark woods, including Rosewood and black oak, and contemporary woods, such as forest tiger and grey weave.

To view the AV Cabinet for yourself, click here.

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