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Audinni AV Furniture piece in home below TV


Audinni are global AV Furniture experts. We hand-make all our units, and they are only created using high-quality wood in a range of stunning finishes. 

However - if you're new to Audinni, here's a few reasons why you should choose Audinni for your next piece of AV Furniture.

  1. Bespoke Design
    We can create your perfect Audio Visual Furniture piece to your exact requirements. Whatever your style, the space available, your AV music equipment, we can create the perfect furniture piece to show off to your friends.

    READ: We designed a vinyl storage piece for a wall, big enough for 6,000 vinyls!

    Rest assured, however, you can shop our 
    SALE items, which are available for dispatch immediately. 

  2. AV Furniture Design Experience

    Audinni was created back in 2008 and we have been designing bespoke AV Furniture pieces ever since to some very happy customers. However, our experienced lead designer, Simon, has been handcrafting furniture pieces long before Audinni.

    His experience is second-to-none, and he knows everything there is to know about creating beautiful pieces - which are unique to each customer.

    Drop us an email today and you can ask any / all questions that are on your mind!

  3. Superior Service

    We pride ourselves on providing a superior customer service with every piece of furniture ordered at Audinni. 

    We love designing and creating beautiful AV Furniture pieces, so we want to ensure you love having it in your home too! 

    You will be expertly guided at every stage from prior to ordering - asking questions and planning your furniture, and the after care - which will help you to look after your new furniture piece, to ensure it stands the test of time.

  4. Our 5 star reviews

    We are incredibly proud of our reputation for creating stunning pieces of AV furniture, and we are humbled by the delight of our customers. 

    You can read our reviews here.

    Our customers are extremely important to us, so we ensure the products we send are of the highest quality before you recieve it. However, if there is anything that isn't right - we are always happy to resolve queries so you can remain 100% happy with your experience at Audinni.

  5. High-quality materials 

    At Audinni, we only use high-quality, responsibly-sourced wood to build our cabinets. This means a high quality finish for your unit which also stands up to the test of time - and can remain in your home for years to come.

    Sure, there will always be cheaper options out there - but you need to ask, is the quality good enough? Usually, the answer is no - it may last a year or two, but an Audinni unit is an investment worth making.

    Make sure you familiarise yourself with our stunning wood and paint finishes you can choose for your wood - this is the final touch to what will be a beautiful piece of AV Furniture.

Are you convinced?

If not, contact the Audinni team - and we can help answer any questions you may have.

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