The Audinni AV Furniture bespoke Gallery

Enjoy a selection of our bespoke work from over the years. We can create AV Furniture down to your exact requirements, in a range of 25 different wood and paint finishes - perfect for any room in any style!
If you have any specific questions about AV Furniture, or if you’re looking to create your own space - then just speak to our professional team and they’ll guide you through the process.
Home Cinema Furniture in Siberian Tiger wood finish
Bespoke home cinema furniture piece in Siberian Tiger wood finish. Read the story of how we did it here.
Home cinema furniture with open draw full of vinyls
Custom built-in drawers for their music collection! Large TV Cabinet with home cinema integration
Bespoke Home Cinema Furniture Design & build. Here’s our beautiful Gravity Quattro in all its beauty.Building the home cinema furniture
Whatever the size of the project, we love a challenge! Bespoke wooden AV furniture
 Gravity Trio Large AV Cabinet in wood finish
We love the Gravity Trio - a timeless piece - with three sections for all your AV Equipment. More hereLarge AV Cabinet in wood, with view of top of cabinet Gravity Trio Large AV Cabinet by Audinni in dark wood finish, handmade in the UK Media centre av furniture built into wall
Here’s a bespoke build we enjoyed a lot - a media wall with enough space for 6,000 vinyls! Read the full story hereHI-FI Racks finished in white, with glass shelves integrated AV Furniture Tall AV unit: White HI-FI rack with glass door finished in white wood Single Hi Fi Rack with transparent glass shelves in white wood Home cinema furniture integrated into wall, hovering wooden TV Cabinet Sleek AV Furniture TV wooden cabinet finished in light blue colour Tall free-standing wooden HI-FI rank with glass shelves Side view of wooden HI-FI rack with glass shelves AV furniture for home cinema system, hi-fi equipment cabinet with black privacy glass Large AV Cabinet by Audinni with three compartments and three doors with privacy glass in dark wood finish Large Hi FI Rack in dark wood finish with transparent glass shelves Large AV Cabinet with glass transparent shelves and pull-out draw Gravity Trio Large AV Cabinet in solid, handmade wood in the UK  Gravity Trio Large AV Cabinet in wood finish, handmade in the UK with open three compartments Large AV Cabinet with three compartments, with three doors with privacy glass, handmade in the UK Large AV Cabinet in dark wood finish large AV Cabinet with ventilation holes for music equipment Large AV Cabinet in white wood finish, handmade in the UK for AV Music equipment Large AV Cabinet in white handmade wood with open-back design for ventilation Large AV Cabinet in light wood with ventilation slots in handmade wood, made in the UK Large AV Cabinet with multiple shelves for music equipment, handmade in the uk