AV Furniture Reviews at Audinni

Here's what some of our lovely clients have to say about purchasing AV Furniture from Audinni!


"We would not hesitate to buy from Audinni again, or to recommend his work."

"I found Audinni when I was searching the web for a corner cabinet to store my amp and other A/V equipment. My wife and I were renovating an old property and, when finished, my wife did not want to see any cables. I decided to use Bowers & Wilkins in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, plus a pair of bookshelf speakers for the rear.

Because each cabinet is made individually, Simon was happy to adjust the dimensions to my specifications.

Likewise, when I suggested having a second two-draw unit to sit over my subwoofer, Simon was happy to build one in the same style and finish. Before purchasing the two units, my wife and I decided to visit Simon, to get a feel for the quality of his work.

He was happy to show us around his workshop, talk us through the various pieces of ‘work in progress’, and describe the many options to customise the units.

After exchanging drawings via email, we agreed the exact specifications (down to the mm), paid a deposit and sat back. Simon delivered on the agreed date and we are delighted with his work.

The cabinets are extremely well constructed and finished. Be aware that because of the build quality, they are heavy and need at least two people to move (Simon was very happy to help when he delivered to us).


We would not hesitate to buy from Audinni again, or to recommend his work.

- David G, UK.