The Trends of AV Furniture

The trends of audiovisual (AV) Furniture over the years

The demand for audiovisual (AV) furniture is increasing, with many consumers ordering bespoke AV cabinets, HI-FI cabinets, media walls and further custom made products to fit numerous technological devices.

These bespoke alternative provide numerous benefits; reducing space, providing a sleek and unique finish, and housing all your most prized music equipment neatly together in one place. However, we can also go one step further, with previous clients of ours ordering bespoke home cinema furniture, home studios, TV lifts, and custom media storage. If you can think it, chances are, Audinni can make it.

However, why is AV furniture so popular? Is it the sleekness? The minimalistic, yet practical design? Or the luxury finish much desire, but never quite acquire?

This article will discuss how AV furniture trends have changed over the years, later touching on one timeless design that will last for years to come. Finally, we will spark conversation regarding bespoke trends and designs.

So, let’s get down to it.

Trends of AV furniture

SUPERSTAX AV Furniture by Audinni

Throughout recent years, the trends of AV furniture have changed massively. Not only in design, but also in the latest advancements in technology and how accessible this has become to many, more people.

This is largely in thanks to advancements in technology, with larger, smarter, and more unconventional devices, for example, the introduction of media walls, home cinemas, custom media and more. 

Consequently, we can expect AV technology to become more popular, accessible, and intelligent in the next few years - new advancements are made every day, there are already flying cars in Japan, so what not possible?

Bespoke AV furniture is becoming more accessible

When AV furniture was first introduced, very few people had access to this. Those that had custom made cabinets, television stands, or isolation platforms were very few. These luxuries were reserved for the “rich”, bringing in custom designers and labourers to craft out these “masterpieces.”

However, now, even though AV furniture is still a luxury, it is no doubt more accessible, not only offering pre-built designs, but bespoke ones too.

For example, at Audinni, we provide a whole host of bespoke products, from HI-FI stands to large, medium, and small AV cabinets, all available for custom sizing to fit your AV equipment.

With a bespoke and custom-sized design, there is no other product like yours out there. There is only one. This adds value and that luxury-feel very few achieve, not to mention earning yourself a few bragging rights - not to mention those conversation ice-breakers no one asked for. 

Home theatre AV furniture

Home Cinema AV Furniture by Audinni

As mentioned previously, technology is developing at an abnormally quick rate. Ten to twenty years ago very few people had a home cinema, or even a large TV. However, now AV furniture has steered its way into the home cinema and creative space.

From media walls to large pop-up screens that appear via the click of a remote to fancy recliner chairs, we’ve never had so much technology at the touch of our fingertips. Cinema hardware is stored in bespoke AV cabinets, hiding the technological mess and providing a custom, high-quality finish to one of the more “trendy” rooms in the house.

More and more advancements in home theatre technology are made by the year, with built-in top of the range sound systems, aircon, and who knows, maybe even 4D at some point in the near future…

Hi-Fi racks

Hi Fi Rack by Audinni AV Furniture

With the development in audio technology, Hi-Fi racks are now a useful piece of furniture for almost every room in the home, especially rooms such as the living room and home cinema.

These racks provide space to tidy up wires, keeping these out of sight. Also, your speaker system, radio, or other devices are left on display, showcasing your equipment, yet providing ample room for that high-quality sound we all know and love to fill the room.

Hi-Fi racks also double up as storage for prized possessions, keeping the room tidy, mess-free, and a piece of art. Consider a bespoke design to fit the requirements of your own sound or AV systems - providing that luxury feel and experience we all crave.

Change in design, finishes and material

Over the years, the design of AV furniture has changed drastically, from black glass, hard plastic, and wood, amongst a whole host of other materials and finishes. Your choice of material is dependant on the style of your home or room, but the option of different finishes is always a nice touch.

With that being said, wooden finishes are timeless... thank goodness for Audinni ey'!?

Wooden finishes are timeless

Unlike other materials, finishes, and designs, wood stands the test of time. Beginning with vintage oak and pine AV cabinets, shelving, and furniture, wooden finishes suit virtually every room.

Regardless of whether AV furniture designs shift entirely in the next few years, these designs always come back to wood. Besides, the older it gets, the more vintage it becomes - that’s a luxury in today’s society.

For this reason, all Audinni specialises in stunning wooden AV furniture whether that's a; traditional (e.g. natural wood, cherry, and ash); dark woods (e.g. rosewood, black oak and wenge), or contemporary (e.g. black tiger, Siberian tiger, Piero white or black, and Arctic birdseye).

Unlike other materials, wood provides an old-timey, yet luxury finish, blending into all room designs, and offering a unique yet practical means for technology.

To conclude

Throughout the last ten to twenty years, audiovisual furniture has changed drastically. Now, AV furniture, including AV cabinets, HIFI stands, and media walls are entirely bespoke, with these designs created by a team of experts.

In the next few years, we can expect further advancements, in-line with new technology released and trends introduced. In particular, the home cinema space is one to watch, with further immersive units, sound systems, and even recliners developing at a rapid rate.

Remember: Wooden finishes are timeless, getting better by age and eventually earning that “vintage” look.

To view our full range of bespoke AV furniture, whether that’s a small, medium, or large cabinet, music wall, custom furniture for a home cinema, or anything in-between, click here

Author: Audinni

Date: October 2020


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