TV Cabinets: why functionality is king

When it comes to TV cabinets, functionality is king, whether this includes increased storage, efficiency, or multiple uses, for example, also doubling up as a place to store your prized sound system. Often, when many people purchase a TV unit or cabinet, they fail to consider functionality. Instead, they go based on design, or more often than not, solely based on price.

This is a big mistake many shoppers make. However, at Audinni, we handmake all our tv cabinets, prioritising functionality over everything else, all at an affordable price.

Audinni bespoke wooden tv cabinet or tv stand

We’re not saying you should purchase the ugliest piece of furniture in a trade-off for added storage space, but we are saying you should look for a combination, a beautiful TV cabinet with added functionality. Yes, those exist!

So, with this in mind, the remainder of this article will discuss more on TV cabinets, more specifically, why you should focus on functionality over everything else when purchasing one, alongside design, of course.

Save money on other furniture

Firstly, when you choose a bespoke TV cabinet, you can save money on other furniture. How, you ask? This is because you can have other systems built-in, for example, additional storage for your prized possessions alongside other devices and gadgets.

Furthermore, the added functionality also saves you room, keeping everything in one place without the need to clutter your sitting or living room with other furniture. This simplistic design is ideal for all homes, no matter the size or your budget, there’s a TV cabinet with your name on it at Audinni.

Longer life span

Second, where functionality is concerned, purchasing a Bespoke TV or Hi-FI cabinet generally results in a longer life span. This means you do not need to replace your furniture nearly as long as others. In fact, you shouldn’t need to replace it whatsoever. All our units are made with real hardwood, manufactured precisely, to ensure they last as long as you need them to.

Besides, as functionality is our top priority, alongside quality, of course, everything you need is in one place. There’s no need to purchase other pieces of furniture that serve the same purpose, as our Hi-FI stand contains everything you’ll ever need. You’ll save money, space, and your living or sitting room will never look better. You can thank us later, or instead leave a kind review!

Reduce clutter

Third, when you prioritise functionality over other elements, you are able to reduce clutter throughout your home. Essentially, this means you require less furniture and also allows you to store all items safely and in a presentable fashion.

If you were to purchase multiple bespoke fully functional TV cabinets or HI-FI cabinets around your home, you would significantly reduce clutter and general mess, improving the footprint, appeal, and design of your home.

This is an easy fix for what may seem like a cluttered home: functional furniture, beginning with a TV cabinet or Hi-FI stand.

Tip: you can use HI-FI stands all around the home, perhaps in hall ways to reduce clutter or in your sitting room to store your favourite ornaments, records, or other possessions.

Create additional space

Although somewhat similar to the above point, functional furniture allows you to create additional space. This allows your home to not only appear bigger, but look more modern and trendy, too, something which many homes lack.

When we think of the home, space is often the topic we all wish we had more of. However, instead of living in dreamland, you can create your own space by freeing up clutter and other furniture, providing your home with a complete refresh.

Functionality meets aesthetics

If you’ve read this far then, you must be thinking there is some catch, perhaps that our Audinni cabinets do not have as impressive aesthetics and design as other TV cabinets on the market. However, this is not the case, believe us!

Not only are our HI-FI and TV cabinets fully functional and optimised for every home, but they also look great and are available in a wide variety of different colours and styles. You can also go the Bespoke route if you’re in the market for something, particularly niche.

For ultimate functionality, go the full bespoke route

Finally, if you really want to choose a TV cabinet with ultimate functionality, you should go the Bespoke route, as briefly touched upon above. This method of design allows you to create a stand or Hi-Fi unit to your exact specifications, whether this is size, the number of shelves, the material used, or any other requirements you may have.

The team at Audinni can assist you in creating your very own Bespoke piece of furniture, creating the ultimate centrepiece for your living or sitting room, and one that will certainly stir up a conversation whenever you have guests around.

So, if you’ve been struggling to create space or perhaps are lacking multi-use in your home, you should consider functionality above everything else when choosing your next TV unit, cabinet, Hi-FI stand, or any other piece of furniture.

The bottom line

When you’re selecting a new TV cabinet or unit, you should prioritise functionality over all other components. We’re not saying neglect design completely, but we are saying that you should consider functionality first and foremost.

At Audinni, all of our TV cabinets are handmade, ensuring all details (the little ones included) are perfect for your living situation and requirements. This allows you to optimise storage space and to de-clutter your home.

We have a variety of TV cabinets and also HI-FI cabinets available, all of which look fantastic and are fully functional, so be sure to check them out if you’re in the market for a new cabinet. Each cabinet is hand made with precision, ensuring the highest possible quality finish perfect for any home. Oh, and if you have any questions throughout the whole process, no matter how big or small, feel free to contact the Audinni team - we’d be more than happy to assist you, whatever your query.

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