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Bespoke Made Vinyl Storage Unit for the wall

Back in April 2019 got an email from a client expressing great interest in my vinyl storage units and he wanted a quote for a cabinet that could hold 6000 pieces of vinyl!
Now, that's a lot of vinyIs.
I gave him a guide price which he accepted and in turn we put a date in the diary to visit.
His house was a building site in all aspects but he was 18mths into the project so it was well underway, he had dedicated his basement for a study and somewhere he could turn up the volume, play his music and enjoy his professional selection of audio-visual equipment.
Vinyl Storage unit on wall prior to building
The brief was to fill the 5 m wall with vinyl storage and base cupboards below, and this was all to be made in Egger melamine material, we started discussing an all white version but due to the size I mentioned that we needed some colour to break it all up so as the images show we finally went with Egger ' Alpine White' and 'Wenge'.
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Home Cinema Room

Audinni Home Cinema AV Furniture

In Short: This was the biggest Home Cinema AV Furniture build i've ever worked on - for a dedicated music room. I love my job!

I first met the client back in 2010, a standard day and then I told a call from Mr. W he was very impressed with the designs of Blok which at the time I owed and purchased 3 Stax 600 hi fi racks, a good sale which in turn left the building the following day and I thought that would be the end of it a happy customer who got what he wanted.
Needless to say this would be the start of a long term relationship which still carries on today.
Mr W's PA then got in touch a couple of year's later asking if it would be possible for me to visit him at a new property he had purchased so a date went in the diary and I was obviously intrigued on my journey of what would be required.
The property was a 8000 sq feet early 1900's build that basically was four walls and a roof, it was being completely renovated from top to bottom and I was shown plan's of the dedicated music room (yes, everybody's dream) that was being built within the property, MR W asked me to come up with some ideas to house his extensive AV equipment and music collection.

Home Cinema AV Unit in Siberbian Tiger wood for record and music collection
I had a blank canvas to work with which sometimes is more difficult as you have no existing room style or colour choice to help make the piece balance within the room, all furniture needs to be proportioned and balanced within its surrounding so having just an Architect drawing doesn't give you that 'feel' of a room.
The only brief I had was obviously the amount of audio-visual equipment etc and it had to be modern.
Home Cinema AV Unit with Stack of Music Records in Siberian Tiger Wood finish
As the building evolved we started to get some idea of the scale of the rooms and to say the room was large was an understatement. This room was going to be one of the largest dedicated home cinema rooms I had ever worked on and my piece of furniture had to have the presence required in such a space.
I had to liaise with all the relevant tradesmen and specialist AV installers that were on the project, I started working on a design and material choices for the unit and finally the designers loved the 'Siberian Tiger' wood but it needed to stand out so I applied a 'clear High Gloss' finish and with the black glass the look for the room was set, the client even had the carpet specially made to tie in with the colours.
AV Unit for audio visual equipment and music players, made bespoke in Siberian Tiger wood finish
The project was underway and now time to get it built which took me 8 weeks from start to finish and then it was ready for it's new home.
The specification and finish was a delight to work on and the end result I think speaks for itself.
Mr. W is on the move again in 2021 so watch this space for the next project.
Thanks for reading...
Simon Gavin
Owner, Audinni
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