Do you make your furniture in solid wood?


Although we can manufacture just about any piece of furniture in just about any solid wood, we have deliberately chosen to design and manufacture our AV furniture using "real wood" veneers.


The reasons for this are three-fold:

1] Solid woods are subject to movement. The nature of solid wood as a "living product" means that long-term stability can be an issue.

2] AV equipment generates a lot of heat. This can contribute to further movement & warping in solid woods.

3] Loudpeaker manufacturers generally manufacture their wood-finished products using "real wood" veneer over medium density fibreboard. Their rationale is that this produces the best combination of sound damping & stability.


The people behind Audinni are 'third generation' furniture manufacturers and it is this expertise that has guided our choice in product materials. It is why we are able to offer our Audinni 5 year guarantee against functional defects on our entire range of AV furniture.