Colour matching service - Speakers & furniture


Are you looking for AV furniture to match your speakers?...or maybe to match the rest of the furniture in a room? Concerned that our standard wood finishes are not an exact match?

Well with the Audinni Colour Matching Service it's now possible. We can take all the hard work out of trying to find complementatry furniture to match your existing equipment, speakers, or other furniture.

Because we are a total "end-to-end" furniture design & manufacturing company, with control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, we have the capability & expertise to produce furniture that will match or complement existing pieces. We have an incredibly wide range of wood veneers to choose from, and can even apply matching lacquers or tints to your furniture.

loudspeaker colour matching service av furniture

 One of our experienced furniture sprayers at work.

So...How does it work?

Basic colour matching service:

- When ordering a piece of furniture, please let us know if you would like to colour-match against another piece of furniture/speakers. 

- Once the order has been confirmed, we will request a photo of the item to be matched in order to begin the matching process.

- Based on this information, we will then send you some wood swatches to compare with your furniture. 

- Because photos and monitors can sometimes distort colour and shading, we will ask you to email a photograph of the best matching wood swatch taken next to the item to be matched. This provides a reference point to manage the colour match from.

This process will continue until we have a successful colour/wood match.

We maintain a library of wood swatches from most major speaker manufacturers so we can normally match most speakers very quickly.

On occasions, we may request a small sample of the furniture to be matched [such as a drawer or side table]

How much does it cost?

We charge a 15% fee for colour matching. This will be added to the order value on request.

If you would like to request a wood swatch of one of our standard finishes, then please use this webform.