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 ipod iphone integrated dock av cabinet furniture

Audinni "Connected AV Cabinet' with integrated iPhone & iPod docking station.

Audinni is a designer and manufacturer of high quality 'Performance AV Furniture' with a global reputation for design, build quality and AV functionality.

"It has been particularly refreshing to deal with a company who understands the needs of the Audio/AV enthusiast with regard to wiring management and routing yet can also produce an attractive and well built piece of furniture" - T.R. January 2013


The Audinni Difference:

At Audinni, ´╗┐we approach the design & manufacturing process from the dual perspectives of furniture excellence and AV performance.  The Audinni philosophy is a 'marriage of quality' between the 'surface appeal' of well designed, well made furniture, and the 'underlying form' of AV performance & engineering.

Essentially, we incorporate the craftsmanship of the cabinet-maker with the technical skill of the loudspeaker manufacturer, along with the aesthetic eye of the interior designer. Our design process includes specifying AV performance features to address ventilation, cable management, IR access, and other equipment-specific issues. [We can also integrate a range of other optional AV performance features.]


What we do:

We design and make a wide range of AV furniture including AV Cabinets, Home Cinema Cabinets, TV Lifts, Media Walls and Hi-Fi Stands. As with all Audinni AV furniture, these pieces have been designed specifically to perform in AV environments, with all the associated problems of heat, weight, sound isolation, IR access, etc. These pieces are featured in our product catalogue which can be browsed from the menu on the left of this page.

However, our speciality is in the design and manufacture of unique high-end bespoke pieces of AV furniture for an incredibly diverse range of AV environments. Typically, this could be a custom design AV cabinet for a home cinema or lounge cinema, or a dedicated piece of Hifi furniture for a music or listening room. However, it can sometimes also be a totally bespoke fitted guitar display wall or even a custom home recording studio.

You can learn more about our Bespoke AV Furniture service here. We can assist you either with simple customisations to our standard products, or in designing and making something truly individual in terms of size, features, colour or style.



Audinni Commercial & Partnerships:

Although, the majority of our work is residential, and often deals directly with the end user, we also specialise in providing bespoke solutions to commercial clients. Recent projects include a bespoke studio mixing desk suite for a professional broadcast studio, and a totally unique mobile DJ booth for an East London nightclub.

We increasingly find ourselves operating as the vital link between design professionals [such as interior designers & architects] and AV professionals [such as custom installers & home cinema installers]. This position as the intersect between room designer & AV installer perfectly sums up our expertise and value. [If you would like to discuss any trade partnership opportunities, then please visit our Audinni Partners page.]


Audinni History:

Audinni was founded in 2004 by Managing Director Simon Gavin. Simon is a third-generation cabinet-maker who learned his trade from his father and grandfather before him. These increasingly rare traditional design and making skills are the reason why we can guarantee to deliver a quality piece of furniture.

All our furniture is made to order in the UK, [you can read more about our commitment to UK manufacturing here.] 


Audinni - Performance AV Furniture - Made in the UK

Designed by Experts - Made by Craftsmen