At Audinni, we are proud to say that our award-winning AV Furniture is both designed & made in the UK.

There is a very good reason for this. 

The Audinni philosophy of marrying AV performance & aesthetic appeal is only successful if it can be combined with the reassurance of  build quality. This combination can be summarised in the Audinni equation:    

Design  +  Performance  +  Build  =  Quality

It is vitally important to our business to deliver on this equation, We are convinced that the best way to do this [in terms of the actual manufacturing element] is to use traditional British furniture cabinet-making & manufacturing skills. 

Equally, our on-demand business model requires a flexibility that can only come from ï»¿knowledge and expertise. Although we produce standardised designs, we actually build each piece of furniture individually to order. Consequently, we are able to offer custom sizes and numerous features & variations to these individually made 'standard products'. We therefore need to trust that the manufacturing part of our business equation can absolutely match the aspirations of the design element. 

We do not hold stock, however we expect to deliver each order in six weeks, including any individually tailored options & customisations. This requires a degree of skill and workmanship that is not available through a conventional 'production line' approach.

At Audinni we prefer an approach we call 'slow manufacturing', where we can guarantee all three elements of our Quality equation.

The emergence of the internet has created an 'on-demand' culture for 'mass-customisation' that fits the Audinni model of 'slow manufacturing'. Essentially, we design & build a quality product, which can be customised to the specific requirements of the customer. This provides all the benefits of mass production, but without the inflexibility of stock, and the costs of multi-layered profit centres such as salesmen, wholesalers, retailers and conventional display marketing costs such as brochures & magazine advertising.


Audinni - World Class AV Furniture - Made in the UK

Designed by Experts - Made by Craftsmen