Loudspeaker Professional Veneering & Renovation Service.


Are you looking to renovate a pair of beloved speakers? Do you want to update a cherished pair of vintage Wharfdales, KEFs or QUADs?...or maybe just match your existing speakers with your new Audinni AV furniture?

With the Audinni Professional Loudspeaker Veneering Service it's now possible to get the exact look and finish that you want for your speakers. There's no need to sell your old speakers, or risk devaluing or damaging them with a DIY repair. The craftsmen at Audinni are experts in audiovisual furniture, cabinet-making and veneering, and we can use this expertise to renovate your speakers to their former glory, or to give them a stunning new look.

Please note due to the enviroment at our workshop we cannot accept speaker cases with drivers etc installed.


loudspeaker reveneer veneer re-veneer speakers BLOK

 A five piece Spendor Loudspeaker set being re-veneered in Natural Walnut by a Audinni craftsman.

How does it work?:

This is how the Audinni Professional Loudspeaker Veneering Service works:

1] Contact us using the form below to request a quote.

2] We will respond within one business day requesting any more information.

3] We will then contact you with a full quote.

4] Your speakers can only be brought back to life is all the cones and drivers are removed prior to arrival.

5] We can offer a collection service but your speakers must be wrapped and packarged onto a starndard 120 cm x 100 cm pallet or you can delivery them into my workshop.

6] The enclosures will then be stripped of their existing lacquer.

7] The original veneer will then be sanded back.

8] The enclosures will then be re-veneered by hand.

9] The new veneer will then be sanded in preparation for finishing.

10] The enclosures will then be lacquered to the required sheen..

11] Your speakers will be delivered back using a pallet delivery company.


custom oak speaker enclosures BLOK

"What can we say !  Extremely pleased with the veneering of the speakers which are now rocking away in our living room!  They really have made a huge impact on our room and have been admired by all who have visited! Congratulations on making such a great job of these – well done !" - JW November 2012

What finishes can I have?

Anything from Ash to Zebrano...and beyond [Ziricote?]. We can also produce stunning Hi-Gloss Wood finishes. You can see a selection of our available wood finishes by clicking here, but the choice is essentially unlimited.

We offer a wood matching service if you need to match your speakers to other furniture. If required, we can also send you a wood swatch of your preferred finish.


How long will it take?

The entire process will take six weeks from confirmation of the order. We take a 50% confirmation deposit on each order.


How much will it cost?

Naturally, the price for each renovation will depend upon the exact requirements, however, as a guide, the 5 -Piece Spendor Renovation illustrated on this page cost £1800 excluding delivery.


Please tell us about your requirements. Please include your speaker manufacturer & model numebr if possible, and wood finishes that you are interested in.

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