AUDINNI Bespoke Case Study: Rosewood AV Cabinet

Bespoke Rosewood AV Cabinet with black doors and metal legsBespoke Rosewood AV Cabinet

Audinni Bespoke Case Study: Black Gloss AV Media Cabinet

custom black gloss av cabinet bespoke project BLOK

Black Gloss Media & AV Cabinet


bespoke fitted AV cabinet home cinema BLOKBespoke Fitted Lounge Cinema AV Cabinet.

audinni Bespoke Feedback

"Simon and the team were superb, nothing was too much trouble and the suggested design ideas for our bespoke cabinet look amazing and are full of functionality."  


audinni Bespoke Case Study: White Gloss Home Cinema

white gloss bespoke home cinema cabine BLOKBespoke White Gloss Fitted Home Cinema AV Cabinet

AUDINNI Bespoke Case Study: Traditional Media Room

Traditional library study home cinema music roomBespoke Traditional Study Home Cinema & Music Room

Fitted Living Room Cinema AV Cabinets


fitted av cabinet home cinema living room bespoke AUDINNI UK

The living room cinema presents a different design challenge to the dedicated home cinema room.


Home cinema quality sound and vision has become an integral part of the living room audiovisual experience. Features such as 5.1 surround sound, power amps, projector screens & sub-woofers have become an established part of the living room AV set-up. This trend has seen a growth in the need for AV furniture that combines the performance features of the home cinema with the aesthetic look & feel of the living room.

At Audinni, we have specific expertise in blending these key design elements into AV furniture that not only satisfies these requirements, but actually orchestrates the entire concept of what we call the 'living room cinema'.

Whereas a home cinema in a dedicated room will often be designed to recreate the minimally furnished viewing experience of a luxury multiplex, [or even a themed version of that], the living room cinema presents a different decorative & design challenge. The room will often be at the heart of the home, and along with the kitchen, provide the signature decorative statement for the house.

Equally, a dedicated home cinema installation will usually deploy distributed media from a central AV rack that is sited outside the room, whereas the living room cinema will often feature the AV peripherals within either a free-standing or fitted furniture cabinet.

This cabinet will be often be a centrepiece to the overall decorative theme of the room, and as such great care must be taken to ensure that it delivers both as a design and as a piece of technical audiovisual furniture.

 white gloss bespoke fitted living room home cinema AV cabinet Audinni

A custom projector housing was designed in to this installation to hide the sreeen when not in use.


Our key expertise at Audinni is the design, making and installing of living room & home cinema AV cabinets. One of our directors is a third-generation British cabinet maker, who has specialised purely in AV furniture for over ten years.

It is this focus that distinguishes Audinni from the competition. A piece of audiovisual furniture must combine technical performance with aesthetic appeal and solid workmanship. That is our hallmark.

We have designed a number of fully-featured stand-alone AV cabinets for the living room [all of which are available to purchase through our website in a broad choice of sizes and finishes], however the majority of our work is in bespoke and custom design av cabinetry. This is an area where our expertise can make a real difference to the success or failure of an AV and/or decorative installation. 

We can work with either the client, an architect, an interior designer, a custom installer [or all four!] to create a design that fits both the decorative and the technical requirements. We can advise on everything from ventilation & cable management to wood finishes & visual effects. As part of this process, we will produce detailed CAD drawings and a three dimensional render, while supplying example finishes of all surfaces.

Naturally, we will discuss and incorporate the necessary technical performance requirements into the design. This discussion will include these five fundamental technical elements:

 - Sound management [for either a centre speaker or sub-woofer].

 - A ventilation plan.

 - A cable management plan.

 - Infra-red management.

 - Sound isolation [platforms and/or shelving].

[In addition, there are often a number of other techncial features that a client may wish to specify, such as custom media storage, LED lighting, slide-out turntable shelving, etc] 

In terms of styles, we can make any piece of furniture in any style, from the very traditional to the ultra contemporary look associated with the Audinni brand. We can incorporate just about any request for any feature, and suggest how it would fit in with the overall design. We can work in any wood finish from Ash to Zebrano, along with an incredibly diverse range of custom paint colours and gloss finishes. [You can view a selection of our wood finishes by clicking here.]

All of our AV furniture is made in the UK, using traditional British craftsmanship, backed up by our Audinni 5 year guarantee. 

If you would like to begin discussing a bespoke or custom design living room or home cinema AV furniture project, or have any questions about what we can do, then please click here to start the conversation.


living room home cinema av cabinet bespoke Audinni

LED lighting, floating shelves and neutrally acoustic speaker cloth compartments.


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